Tank Hero

Tank Hero 1.5.7

Can you take control of the battlefield?

Tank Hero is an explosive 3D action game for your Android phone. View full description


  • 3D
  • Good controls
  • Fun music
  • Supports OpenFeint


  • None so far

Very good

Tank Hero is an explosive 3D action game for your Android phone.

The objective in this game is simple. Guide your tank through the battlefield, avoiding enemy fire and taking out as many tanks as you can in the process. There are 3 different game modes, Campaign, Survival and Time Trial, all with slightly different aims and controls.

This game is pretty tough, and increases in difficultly significantly as you progress, keeping things interesting. The Tank Hero music is pretty standard military campaign material, but it’s fun and keeps things moving. The tank can be controlled either by swiping and tapping the screen, or using the trackpad. You can also specify the camera type.

The Tank Hero controls can actually get a little complicated, especially as you move up levels. Even so, the variety of play modes means you should be able to find one to suit. Tank Hero supports OpenFeint and you can also share your progress on Twitter. If explosions and tanks are your thing – and quite frankly, they are most people’s - Tank Hero will be right up your street!

Tank Hero – an excellent 3D tank game for all action fans!


  • Survival mode weapons fixed for third world
  • Effects no longer locked to framerate
  • Fixed bug causing DPAD to stick
  • Special functionality for future devices
  • Various bug fixes
Tank Hero


Tank Hero 1.5.7

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    "IT ROCKS"

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